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WOFC Bible Explosion - 5/11/16

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           May 11, 2016
                                                                                                                                                                                            WOFCF Bible Explosion
                                          Facts, Faith, & Feelings
For most people, feelings are the guiding factor in life. If they feel something, they think it is real. If they do not feel anything, they think it is not real. But this is not according to God's order. Others try to put faith first. They think that if they have enough "faith," they can make anything come true. But this is not God's way either. God wants us to have faith, but our faith must rest on His Word; otherwise it is of no value.
Point #1 What is a Fact?
A fact is something that is true. For example, two plus two equals four. This is a mathematical fact. It has always been true. It will always be true. It is true in this country, and it is true anywhere in the world. Your believing it does not make it true. It is true even if no one in the world believes it. We need to get this firmly fixed in our minds—facts are always true.
You may not believe a fact, but it is still true. You may not feel that a fact is true, but it is still true. For example, we know that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again to be our living Savior. We know this is true because God's Word says so. A person may or may not believe this, but it is still true. God's facts are always true.
Point #2 What is Faith?
Faith deals with things that are real but unseen. We cannot see God, but by faith we know that God is real. We cannot see Heaven, but by faith we know that there is a real place called Heaven (read Hebrews 11:1-6).
We must understand this: Our faith does not make God’s facts true. They are true whether we believe them or not. Our faith in God’s facts makes them real in our experience. The Bible contains many wonderful promises of God. But they do not become ours until we claim them and make them ours by believing God’s Word.
Faith believes God in spite of unfavorable circumstances. When Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were quite old, God promised them that they would have a son, and Abraham believed God. In due time, God gave Abraham the son He had promised to him (read Romans 4:20-21).        
Faith obeys God. Faith and obedience go together. True faith always results in obedience. Believers are obeyers! (read Hebrews 11:8). To say that you believe something and yet not act on it is not faith. True faith believes God and it obeys God. Faith that does not obey God is not living faith (read James 2:20). Faith comes from the Word of God (read Romans 10:17).                     
                                                Point #3 What are Feelings?
Feelings are emotions such as joy, sorrow, happiness, and sadness. We should understand that feelings are quite different from facts in that facts never change, while our feelings are almost always changing. The state of our health affects our feelings. Our relationships with other people affect our feelings. Even a change in the weather can affect our feelings.
One day you may be full of joy. The next day, for no apparent reasons, you may be sad and depressed. The important thing to remember about feelings is this: Feelings are very changeable. For this reason we should never try to rest our faith on our feelings. No matter how much our feelings may change, they do not affect facts. Facts are always true, and they are true regardless of our feelings.
Many sincere people seek for salvation but they do not find it because they are looking for some kind of feeling. Feelings do have a place in the Christian life, but they do not come first. Instead, they follow facts and faith. The Bible says, "He who believes on the Son has the witness in himself." Note the order: First, we believe; and then we have the witness of the Spirit in our heart.
How to handle your feelings? What should you do when you become discouraged? The thing is to turn your attention to God’s Word. Read and meditate on such wonderful passages as Psalm 23, Romans 8, and Philippians 4. As you give careful attention to what God says in His Word, you will find new faith and courage springing up in your heart (read Romans 15:13).

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