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WOFCF Bible Explosion - 4/27/16

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                April 27, 2016

                                                                                                                                                                                              WOFCF Bible Explosion


Forming an Inclusive Community


We experience community when we are with others who think like us, believe what we believe, and maybe even like what we like. Community is good, right? We form groups without being aware of it. Mention a sports team and in seconds you will know who is a fan or a rival. Talk about a movie and you will quickly learn who loved it and who can't believe you wasted your time seeing it.    


Community is good. But community can get us into trouble when the boundary lines around our group are solid, cloudy, and meant to keep others out. All of us have felt excluded at one time or another. We find ourselves sitting outside the circle. Even if we were once in it, it feels like someone moved the boundary line.


                                                 Point #1 God’s Inclusion

One thing about Jesus is how he prayed in John 17. He actually prayed that all of us would be one as he and the Father are one. Most of us as a child, wanted our parent’s exclusive attention; we didn't want to share. Maybe that's a childish thing, maybe downright selfish, but that's how it was. To think that Jesus enjoys intimacy with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, and wants us to be included, can be baffling. God is all about relationship...

In John 3:16, God uses the word "whoever." There are no conditions to that word. We don't have to be "this tall" to ride the roller coaster. We don't have to speak a certain language or look a certain way. "Whoever" means even you. But once we've experienced that relationship, we sometimes forget what it's like to be on the outside looking in, wanting to be part of something but afraid to enter.


                                    Point #2Enlarge Your Circle

We don't know what people have gone through—what baggage they carry, so to speak. And yet, the desire to belong lies at each person's core. We sadly think we're not good enough, smart enough, or enough to make it. Then God writes Jesus into our story.


Jesus spent time with everyone and never excluded others. He sat with those considered outsiders. Even little children, who some thought were too young, fit perfectly in his lap. Jesus was radical. He hung around the unpopular, the sick, the sinners—not to improve his political image, but because he cared about them. (see Mark 10:13-16; Mark 2:17; Matthew 15:7-8; Luke 5:27-30)


We are not the selection committee that decides who will be on God's team. God never asked us to do that. He wants us to share his Son with anyone. And in doing so, we see his redemptive work—how he can enter a person's life and change them. And little by little, seeing him, they will want to be part of that family.


Point #3 God Will Help You

Some of us may think, I know God loves everyone. It's easier for him; he's God. But he enables us to do what he expects of us. He doesn't just say, "Love people. And by the way, good luck with that." God empowers us to do what we can't do naturally. And God loves empowering us because then we are aware of our inability and have to trust him completely. We know it isn't us.

Accepting others is God's specialty. It cost a great price, but one He willingly paid. God sees what is in us. He is the God of all time—so he already knows our future but accepts us in our present, which is amazing. He died for even those who will never accept him.

God loved the world, and more importantly he loved us. Where would we be if the disciples had decided their group was strong enough, large enough, and close enough just as it was, and closed their ranks? We'd be outside looking in.

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Bible explosion the inclusive community and more form groups without being aware of it, move by seeing it. The community process can be perfect and ourselves sitting outside the circle boundary line.
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God is really here with us no matter what happens in our lives. According to his words, He will not forsake us nor leave us. He will always be there to guide us and help us with the decisions that we are making. I have to say that the love of the Lord is greater than we can ever imagine. Although there are times that we feel like He is distant from us, let us always remember that He will never leave us alone. He will always be by our side to encourage us to fight and never give up.
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