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The Nature of Stewardship

Feb 3, 2016

WOFCF Bible Explosion


The Nature of Stewardship


Giving Yourself – (Luke 12: 16-21)


Point #1 Partnership


Stewardship is about entering into a partnership. If God is the owner and you are a steward, it means you are in partnership with Him. He trusts you to care for His resources. The more He trusts in you, the more He can entrust to you. That does not mean if you choose to follow Christ you will automatically get more possessions, but it does mean that God has teamed up with you and He wants you to experience good life. It takes a lot of pressure off to know all things belong to God, and He has initiated a partnership with you.  If He purposes for you to do something, you know He has the resources to make it possible for you to do what He has asked of you. If you have a real need, you know the One who owns everything is aware of it and will respond in ways most beneficial to you.


In what ways have you seen God provide for your needs?


How is being a steward a privilege and responsibility?


Point #2 Faith


Stewardship is about exercising faith. Giving to God and His work in the world involves an act of faith. God asked the Hebrews to give Him the first animal born into their flocks, the first grain harvested, and the first fruit picked. Giving the first they received required faith that there would be more to come that would be adequate to meet their personal needs. It is a way of declaring dependence on God. Stewardship is a statement of faith about God’s ability to meet your personal needs. God’s people live generously, even though it means they are not sure how God is going to provide for them. They have learned to trust Him.


How can you exercise faith in God by being a steward?


Point #3 Gratitude


Stewardship is about expressing gratitude. If God is the source of everything we have, then we need a tangible way to thank Him. Using our resources to help God’s work and to meet the needs of others is a way to show our gratitude for what we have been privileged to receive. What a disrespectful thing it would be to continuously accept gifts without ever expressing gratitude or giving back to your generous benefactor.

What gifts do you need to express gratitude for right now?


Next week, we’ll further discuss Stewardship in our “generosity,” “discipline,” & “worship.”


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edubirdie complaints on Saturday, June 16, 2018 2:33 AM
God does not partner with anyone and it is one's faith that should keep them in stewardship. An individual must be righteous and help others in order to understand God. If he or she thinks of personal possessions than there is no knowing of God.
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