Word of Faith Christian Fellowship - "Man shall not live by bread alone..." Matthew 4:4
The Birth of Word of Faith Christian Fellowship
October 2003
Johnny D. Banks, Jr., born and raised in Bossier City, Louisiana was destined for such a time as this.  Jeremiah 1:4,9 says, "I knew you (Johnny) before I formed you in your mother's (Mineola Banks) womb.  Before you (Johnny) was born I set you apart and appointed you as my spokesman to the world...then the LORD touched my mouth and said, See, I have put my words in your mouth! Today I appoint you to stand up against nations and kingdoms.  You are to uproot some and tear them down, to destroy and overthrow them.  You are to build others up and plant them." 
After hearing from God to begin a ministry in Bossier City, flyers were passed out to the unchurched in the community for the announcing of this ministry.  The meeting was held at Pastor Banks' home.  Over twenty people were in attendance and were very receptive to the vision.  As a result, we organized and began to plan the start of the ministry.
On Wednesday night, October 1, 2003 at 7:00 p.m., we gave birth to this ministry at the YWCA, 700 Pierre Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana.  We had a total of 20 individuals at our first service.  Later on during the month we hosted a three-day special 'Birth of the Ministry Celebration' held October 22-24, 2003.  The ministry started with twelve members.  The twelve charter members are:  Elder Johnny Banks, Senior Pastor, Sister Edith Banks, 1st Lady, Mother Mineola Banks, Sister Jacqueline Brooks, Church Secretary, Sister LaToshia Banks, Treasurer, Minister Johnathan Banks, Chairman, Sister Cynthia Dunlap, Co-Chairman, Deacon David Dunlap, Deacon David Givens, Sister Dorothy Givens, Sister Tarrayah Talton and Brother Khalil Bolden.  By the first of the year (2004) we had a total of 17 families as members, 31 people on roll (20 adults, 11 children).  There were three prospective families waiting to join which gave us a total of 20 families on roll by January 21st.
Many services and events took place thereafter.  Our 1st annual Christmas dinner with a record number turnout, we had a wonderful and blessed time in the Lord.  The Lord saved, delivered and set free in our first revival and revivals thereafter.  The Living Word newsletter was birthed within the first month and is sent all over the United States including Germany with over 100 recipients on the list.
Now, after about three months into our ministry, Pastor Banks still believed and was in search for the right place for us to worship in Bossier City, and yes, it happened!  While returning home after a breakfast engagement with another minister, Pastor Banks saw a piece of land for sale off the I-20 and Old Minden Road exit.  He decided to explore it further.  After getting the information he needed he kept driving and found Christ Community Church with an "in case of emergency" note on the door.  He took the information down and made a phone call just to see if the members would consent to allowing us to share their church for services.  What a surprise he got when he found out that the church was going up for sale, and they had just received the appraisal.  Due to an unforeseen event, Christ Community Church could not sell.  Pastor Banks and the members of Christ Community Church felt a connection from God and both congregations continued to fellowship together.  After a few months Pastor Banks asked the Overseers about his original plan to all WOFCF to share the church.  They accepted and on March 3, 2004 we held our first service at 1013-A Gould Drive, Bossier City, Louisiana.  Hallelujah!