Word of Faith Christian Fellowship - "Man shall not live by bread alone..." Matthew 4:4
Ministers in Training (MIT)
The purpose of the Ministers in Training Program is to set forth standards detailing the expectations of ministers at Word of Faith Christian Fellowship, and is intended to provided clear and consistent guidelines for ministerial conduct.
The program is set to detail guidelines and standards for ministerial excellence and to delineate policies, procedures, and protocol to be exercised by those who become licensed and/or ordained ministers and elders under the authority of Word of Faith Christian Fellowship.
The Ministers in Training Program will serve as a reference to the individual aspiring to ministry and will form the foundation for preparation for ministry as well as for actual execution of ministerial duties.
Our Purpose:
To prepare those who feel God has called them into the ministry.  In Christianity, ministry is an activity of "carrying forth Christ's mission into the world."  We purpose to impart, to those who feel called by God, some fundamental biblical training as a commission to perform the service corresponding to the office.
Our Vision:
To assist in the development of every minister that is a part of this ministry to be committed to spiritual maturing, and seek to develop the character of the Lord Jesus Christ.  To Equip and Inspire each minister so they can go out and tell others about the good news of Jesus Christ.